Our Family Story Project

As part of our Inquiry unit, we have been learning about past and present with a particular focus on comparing different aspects of family life: toys, transport, celebrations, school, technology and roles.

The students then came up with an Inquiry question which they wanted to explore further. Their question relates to one of the topics mentioned above. Some examples are:What games did my mum play with when she was little? Why did my grandparents move to Australia? How was school like when my dad was little? What was my dad’s favourite toy? What car did my grandparents drive then?

It is not too late for the students to change their question but we ask that their question leads them to identify similarities and differences between a specific aspect of family life then and now. The research part is to be completed at home and brought back to school by Monday 29th May.

At school students will then be working on their presentation. The suggested modes of presentation are Google slides, making a diorama or model, storytelling, puppet show, creating a poster, and public speaking. Whilst the students can start planning and sourcing out materials at home, we do not want them to create their presentation. We will allow enough time for students to work on the presentation part at school.

Step 1


Step 2

Step 3


Step 4

Step 5

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Say cheese!


In Inquiry, we have been investigating the concept of continuity and change by exploring different aspects of family life. One of our sessions had a particular focus on photography. The students compared similarities and differences between photography as they know it, and how their parents and grandparents captured special moments when they were little.

Many thanks to Mario and Liana for coming over to take us through the evolution of photography spanning over close to a century. Click on the following link to see some photos of our aspiring photographers at work! Photography (past and present)-1s1mx

Before you scroll down, remember to share a memory or an interesting piece of information about photography in your family.

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day.

We hope you all had an enjoyable day.

On Friday morning mums, grandmothers and special people in our lives  enjoyed a lovely breakfast at school. 










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Stella’s a star!

Yesterday, we were very lucky to have a visit from Stella who told us all about her many roles in supporting the St. Mark’s and parish community.

We couldn’t believe that Stella helps and works with the parish in so many ways, so we counted some of the many different things she does. We discovered 10 roles she plays in our community:

  1. Teaches at Children’s Liturgy
  2. Teaches catechetics
  3. Makes soups and casseroles for the homeless
  4. Helps out with Joey’s Van
  5. Covers our readers and library books
  6. Helps out with the Sacramental programs
  7. Runs the Rosary Club at school
  8. Special Minister
  9. Delivers the Host to the sick
  10. Visits young Mums and Bubs

We asked Stella why she does all of these things for the parish and for the St. Mark’s community. She told us that she does all of these things because she loves Jesus so much that she tries her best to be just like Him and make God proud. She also loves her community very much and wants to help out however she can. Even though Stella does all of these things and more, she never gets tired because helping others makes her feel really happy!

We all agree that Stella is a kind, generous and loving person.

Stella, true to your name, you are a STAR!


Why do you love Stella? 

How does Stella inspire you to be more like Jesus? 

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Our visit with Murrundindi

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Murrundindi back in the 1/2 level.

His contribution to our Inquiry unit from an Indigenous perspective is greatly appreciated.

Murrundindi spoke of his upbringing within the Wurundjeri Aboriginal culture. He played the didgeridoo while his granddaughter Grace from 1/2M led others in an Aboriginal dance.  Murrundindi then drew an Aboriginal picture, the same way they did when he was a child and told us what all of the symbols represented.  He taught us some of his language “Woiwurrung”.  We were then lucky enough to watch him throw and catch a boomerang.


Grace wrote this short reflection about his visit with us:

“Murrundindi’s name means home in the mountains.  He is Aboriginal and as a child was brought up within the Wurundjeri culture.  He learnt to play the didgeridoo when he was 10 and is 72 now, so he has played the didgeridoo for .  Murrundindi can throw a boomerang and catch it, he showed us this on the oval.  Only the boys and men are allowed to play the digeridoo, the girls can play the sticks and dance.  He never went to school, but learnt to tell stories with drawings.”

Once again we would like to thank Murrundindi for making himself available to help us with our learning.

From everyone in 1/2

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Junior Mayor Award

On the 20th of April, the School Captains and Social Justice Captains went to the Chelsea Town Hall for the Junior Mayor Election for 2017. 24 schools were represented by a chosen candidate and a supporting team.Each school had to deliver a speech. The topic of the speech was ‘What are the benefits of young people volunteering in our community?

This is the speech Sienna delivered on the behalf of St.Mark’s:

“Imagine a world where everyone lives in harmony. A world where everyone co-operates. A world filled with confident, responsible and skilled leaders. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this world? A world where everyone grows together as one. A world filled with endless possibilities.

But… How do we make this world possible?

We often hear about adults volunteering in schools and aged care centres.  But what about young people volunteering? How is this beneficial?

We know that people become leaders by learning from others. Our journey in life takes us down many paths and roads. During our lifetime, we meet different people who could potentially enrich our lives with their own experiences and life journeys. By volunteering in our community we benefit from immersing ourselves in life lessons that will have an impact on our futures.

But… How will volunteering in our community have an impact on our futures?

We believe that through volunteering young people will learn new skills that are beneficial and would impact our future. It would make younger kids look up to us. They would say ‘Wow! They’re doing that?! I want to be like that someday!’ That will create a chain that will continue for a lifetime! A chain that is a life cycle. Once kids see what we are doing for our community, they will want to do it themselves. When we grow up and start working, younger kids will take our places and become the role models that we once were.

Perhaps the biggest impact in our lives comes from experiences. We call these life lessons. Life lessons from the people we meet along our path of volunteering. Life lessons that will teach us skills that we may use as adults to enhance our chances of pursuing successful careers and job prospects. Life lessons that will enrich our personal lives in relationships with family, friends, schoolmates and eventually work colleagues.

But don’t get us wrong, when we say benefits of volunteering, it doesn’t just apply to what we get from this but also what others get from usWe, the young members of our community have skills and life experiences from which others could learn and benefit too. What we are saying is…… the benefits work both ways.

Join us in saying: we want to grow up and develop into mature, confident and successful leaders. We want to grow together as one.  We want to learn and teach others…and the best way to do this is by volunteering in our community!”

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Welcome back to term 2

We hope you all had a relaxing break during the holidays especially over Easter and had an opportunity to share it with your family and friends. 

Image result for Easter catholic religious celebration image

What did you do over the Easter break?

How did you celebrate Easter?

Do you have any suggestions  on how to celebrate Easter next year with your family and friends?


In term  2 we will be looking at our community and how we can work together to help each other. 

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PLAY Program

Speech written by: Campbell, Rashi, Chloe and Lachan from 1/2R.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Year 5 students ran the PLAY program for 1/2R. It was so much fun!


The Year 5’s taught us some new games to play and helped us to practise skills like taking turns so we can all have more fun on the playground.

We played Hot Potato, Simon Says, Catch and tap, Red Light/Green light, Poison and ran under the giant, rainbow parachute.

If you are looking for someone to play on the playground, you could play with the Year 5’s and they will play a game with you.

The Year 5’s did a great job of running the PLAY program. 1/2R loved it!


If you got to participate in the PLAY program, share your favourite game you played.

If you didn’t get to participate you might like to ask someone in 1/2R a question about the program. 

Tell the Year 5’s what a great job they did in the comments section.

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Our School Saints.

This week we have started learning about our house team Saints.

All the children are aware of their school sports teams but the children are learning about the significance of each of the Saints.

This unit also follows up on our unit on prayer.


St. Brigid                                                                                                  St.Claire 


                 St. Francis                                                                            St Kolbe


Next week St. Patrick will be the focus for Friday with children encouraged to wear green socks and green things in their hair.

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1/2 Fabulous Art

Our self portraits

Our art about the seasons

Which one did you enjoy doing?

Do you have any art ideas?

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