Learning at Home

Spelling words Term 3 Week 4

Spelling words week 2 term 3

Spelling words week 1 term 3

Parents we are trying to make spelling more accessible for the families each week.  Please encourage your child to practise their words at least three times per week.


3 Responses to Learning at Home

  1. Jonah says:

    Hi 1/2`s
    We have a lot of spelling words to do. We can finish them if we practise. I`m doing plural words and words that end in y. we have lots of fun in spelling.

    fom Jonah

  2. Athan says:

    Dear 1/2’s
    Remember you don’t just have to practise your words, you also have to practise the sound. Make sure that you practise the words in your group ONLY.

    Bye from Athan

  3. Noah says:

    Good idea! 🙂

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