Excursion to Moonlit Sanctuary

 On Tuesday, we braved the rain and the cold and set off on an adventure to Moonlit Sanctuary. We took part in three different activities. We did the wallaby walk where we were lucky enough to feed them. We learnt that we should always wait for them to come to us and not the other way around so that we do not scare them away.


Keeper May led the mammal mingle session. In this session, we met some wombats who have been very busy digging away. We saw the Tasmanian devils who, sadly, are in danger of becoming extinct. We paid a visit to the koalas which was most enlightening. After holding, smelling, and analysing their poo, it is fair to say we have become koala poo experts! Last but not least, Keeper May took us to the dingoes. They were a little unsettled in their new enclosure unfortunately.


The third session was led by Keeper Ryan who introduced us to his scaly friends- the bearded dragon lizard, shingleback lizard and Noodles, the python. In the struts, slithers and scales session, Keeper Ryan reminded us that we should not turn our back on a snake should we encounter one in the wild. 


Over to you 1/2s! Don’t forget to share some interesting facts in the comment section.

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