The 1/2s travelling around Australia.

Hi 1/2s,

Well done to everyone on making this such a fabulous start to Term 3.

As rehearsals for our school concert ‘The Lucky Country’ are underway, the 1/2s have had a focus on learning all about Australia. They have been travelling around Australia in the 1/2 area on Thursday afternoons learning about a different state or territory every week. It has been a great way to learn lots more about Australia, and see why we are such a lucky country! We hope that the Australian map homework has also been a way for you to learn and identify important parts of Australia.

Have a look at the map below and see if you can explain why the different symbols and pictures are used in different states.

Kids Australia Map by pippy92

Have you enjoyed learning about the states and territories of Australia?

Can you share some interesting or new discoveries you have made about Australia?

Please leave your comments below.

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2 Responses to The 1/2s travelling around Australia.

  1. branden says:

    Hi 1/2 friends,
    I am excited about travelling around Australia in the concert. In the concert I am a dingo, I like the move I am going to do. Did you know that Tassie was once connected to Victoria? If you got to choose a state in Victoria which state will it be?
    Bye, 1/2 see you later
    From Branden!

    • Mrs L'Eveille says:

      Hi Branden,
      I definitely share your excitement! I response to your question, I would choose Queensland. The sunshine state is much warmer and reminds me of Mauritius. I can’t wait to see your dance for the concert.

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