Responsible Pet Ownership Programme

Last Friday, the 1/2’s had a special guest speaker named Simon come to talk to us about how to be safe and responsible around pets. He spoke to us about how to approach dogs safely to ensure that we don’t get hurt. We learnt a song about how to approach dogs after asking their owners to pat them. Simon also brought his dog ‘Daisy Chain’, so that we could practise these skills. These are all lessons we need to remember in our wider community before patting dogs that belong to others.

Here is a clip of the special song Simon taught us!


Did you enjoy Simon’s presentation?

What was your favourite part?

What was something you learnt, or found interesting after listening to Simon?

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4 Responses to Responsible Pet Ownership Programme

  1. Teagan says:

    Hi 1/2’s
    My favourite part was when we got to sing the song and watching people act out what to do when they see a dog on the street or at a shopping centre. I learnt that you cannot let your cat out at night because they are good hunters and they will hunt for things to eat.

  2. Noah says:

    My favourite part of Simon’s visit was meeting Daisy Chain, she was such a good dog. I learnt that when you meet an angry dog and you look them in the eye, they think you are challenging them to a fight. You should look down so that the dog thinks you are boring!! 🙁

  3. Joshua K says:

    I liked seeing Simon’s presentation. I had a good time and I got to sing a song.

  4. Anakin says:

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you Simon for coming to our school and teaching us how to pat a dog safely.
    My favourite part was when Simon showed us what to do when we see a red and yellow collar or a sign, it means that we need to be aware of danger.
    I really enjoyed the presentation.

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