Art Update

Hi everyone,

We wanted to share and celebrate our amazing Art works with you all.

Make sure you come in and visit our 1/2 Area and see our amazing creations on display.


Anzac Day crosses


 Family Houses – created to celebrate our Family Community.

Drawing with lines – we experimented with different types of lines and how to use lines to create a 3D effect.


Which artwork did you enjoy the most?

Did you find any of it challenging?

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16 Responses to Art Update

  1. Julian says:

    Hi bloggers ,
    I enjoyed doing the Anzac day work because you got to do cutting & painting.
    I also enjoyed doing Our family Community because you got to draw your own family.
    I found the line drawing really hard because I’m not into line drawing.

  2. Connie phan says:

    I like your picture.

  3. Maya Phan says:

    Hi 1/2
    I like the drawing you made.

  4. emily b says:

    Hi 1/2s I liked doing the hand art work because it was interesting and different. Bye 1/2s.

  5. Sofia W says:

    Hi 1/2s

    I enjoyed doing all the artwork, but my favourite was drawing with lines.

  6. Laynie Rodwell says:

    HI 1/2’s
    I learnt that people can use different lines when making their art. Everyone’s art was very colourful. Next time I would like to use different shape lines in my art.
    Bye for now,

  7. Jonah says:

    Hi 1/2’s,

    I found the 3D hand challenging because you needed to do the colours you had to concentrate a lot. Even though it looked easy it wasn’t. I enjoyed having a go.

    Bye for now
    Jonah 1/2L

  8. lily says:

    I enjoyed doing the house artwork. It was fun. I love artwork

  9. Charlotte.L says:

    Hi 1/2’s

    I love drawing pictures and painting the Anzac cross. It was a little bit difficult to draw our family on a piece of paper .It was a little bit hard to not get our hands dirty and it was hard to draw the lines on your 3D hand. It was easy to colour our 3D hand.


  10. Lincoln says:

    Hi Everyone,
    My favourite was the line drawing because I liked doing different lines and colours.

  11. Noah says:

    Hi all 1/2,
    I have an Anzac fact for you! The red and green from the poppy flower is the blood of the Anzac soldiers that died on the grass of the battlefield. I really like all the artwork on display, we are all doing some great work.
    Bye, all 1/2
    From Noah 🙂

  12. Lola mudie says:

    I love it so much and its the best line drawing I have seen in my life.

  13. Shelby Fasham says:

    Hi everyone

    I enjoyed making my self portrait the most, because it was fun.

    I found drawing our hand was tricky.

    I liked seeing other people’s artwork too.


  14. Hudson says:

    Hi everyone
    I loved doing all of the art but my favourite was the line drawing.

  15. kira says:

    Hi 1/2’s,

    I love all the art and craft we have did last term. My favourite artwork was the 3D hand because it looks like an illusion.

    Bye for now!


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