1/2 Expo and Prayer Service afternoon

On Wednesday the 1/2s presented their family stories at our Expo. It was a big success and the children were so proud to get to show their work to family and friends. We had a wonderful range of presentations. Throughout the learning ares was a fantastic mix of presentations, including public speaking, slideshows, dioramas, story writing, puppet shows and storytelling. The children worked hard to make sure their work successfully told their family story, and had lots of fun independently working on their presentation at school.

After the Expo, the Prayer Services were held in each of the learning areas. Our learning space was reverant, and we had the chance to say thankyou to God for what we have been blessed with in our lives. It was also a way to acknowledge the special people in our community who do so much to help those in need.

Thankyou to the parents who were able to join us on the day, we all really appreciate the efforts that you went to.

Here are some photos of the very special afternoon.


Did you enjoy this special afternoon? Why?

Are you proud of what you achieved?

How could you improve it for next time?

Please leave a comment below to answer any of these questions, or any other reflections you have about the 1/2 Expo.


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27 Responses to 1/2 Expo and Prayer Service afternoon

  1. Nyah says:

    I loved making a googleslide because I got to spend alot of time with my friends.I am very proud that I of what I achieved.Next time I would like to improve being more confident when parents ask me questions at the start.

  2. Charlotte.L says:

    Hi 1/2’s,

    I was so excited for our Expo. I did my project on a slideshow. I enjoyed my part of the prayer service . This time I have achieved to put more pictures of my dad’s favourite toy .

    From: Charlotte. L

  3. Emma C says:

    I am very proud of myself for speaking in front of my class and the parents. I was very happy that papa could come and watch me do my talk about him. I was very nervous at the start, but I really enjoyed doing it and it has made me feel much braver about doing new things. I could improve for next time by trying to look at the audience more.

  4. Joel C says:

    I enjoyed the afternoon presenting to parents and grandparents. I did a google slideshow and I was really happy with how it worked out. I added some pictures to show where my grandad was born in Yackendandah. I also put in a map because not many people know where it is. I could improve for next time by adding more information.

  5. Joshua says:

    I enjoyed my family being with me at the Expo which was wonderful. I presented a Google slideshow and it was fun. It was about my grandpa’s immigration to Australia. I got to present it on an ultra book or you could call it a laptop. I was really happy how I worked it out and learnt a lot about my grandpa. Thanks to mum, dad and my brother Dominic for helping me with the presentation even though he can not read yet.
    From Joshua

  6. Julian says:

    Hi bloggers,
    I enjoyed doing the expo because I got to see my friends and I got to learn about my Grandma. I am proud of my work because I did a lot of slides. I could improve by doing more writing next time.
    Thank you for reading!

  7. Jackson B says:

    I enjoyed researching about my grandpa for the Expo.
    My nonno was in the Vietnam war. He was very brave, and now he has very sore legs.
    I was proud telling nonno’s story to the mums and dads. I learnt a lot about writing and I liked the prayer service and singing songs.
    From Jackson.

  8. lily says:

    I had fun talking about my family and listening about other families. It was good to have my grandma come watch what we did. It was a good afternoon.
    From Lily

  9. Brooklyn says:

    I loved making my project of our family story. I did a model with small & big boxes. My project was very big and I was proud of it. The expo was exciting because all of the parents came and they visited each table. What I learnt for next time is to make the people out of cardboard so they stand up like they are real.

  10. Laynie Rodwell says:

    Hi 1/2s
    I liked writing about my family and telling their stories. I did public speaking and wanted to speak on the microphone. The expo was fun but I needed to write more words for my speech. I learnt to speak to other families about my family.

  11. Noah says:

    Hi all 1/2’s, I thought the inquiry expo on our family stories was lots of fun because we all got to present them in many different ways. I liked making a puppet show and learning about my Dad when he was at school just like me. The parents enjoyed my play and my mum said all the displays were very creative. Next time I would like more people and time to see all the other presentations.
    Bye all 1/2’s, From Noah

  12. Dion says:

    Hi I love my project because I loved learning about my mums story.
    I made my project with big boxes it was fun working with my friends. Next time I would like to do a slideshow.

  13. Elijah says:

    I have enjoyed using google slides and learning how to use images, add colour and write text for my project. I like searching information on google and it was very interesting. I would like to improve my work next time by putting more information and adding more slides. I was very proud of my work. I think this was a very special afternoon. The prayer part was very surprising because we needed to practice it and after that, we needed to give the prayers to the parents. They read Hearts on fire.

    Elijah B.

  14. Sofia W says:

    I had fun making my Diorama of my mum at primary school. It was an interesting afternoon, and I was glad my grandma came to see what we did.

  15. Jack W says:

    Hi 1/2s,
    I enjoyed making my project. I had so much fun showing people my slideshow. I was happy my grandma came to my class expo.
    From Jack

  16. Owen B says:

    Hi, my name is Owen.
    I enjoyed the Inquiry Expo because it was fun. My mum, dad and sister came to see my expo about my grandad in Ireland. I worked hard on my project.
    Bye, Owen.

  17. Elysha says:

    Hi 1/2’s

    I was not at school on Wednesday afternoon. But I still loved creating my slide show.

    Iove from Elysha.

  18. Brenda says:

    Hi 1/2s,
    I think I could have improved my poster because it was not that organized. It was fun doing this, when we were at the library because I was talking to my friends. It was very quiet in the art room.
    Next time I might do a diorama or a slideshow for my presentation.

    From Brenda

  19. Taylah says:

    Hi 1/2’s,

    For my project, I did a slide show about how my parents met. I really enjoyed working on it. It was lots of fun showing my work to the people who came to the expo.

    From Taylah.

  20. Hannah Mahmoud says:

    I made a model of my Pop coming to Australia from Lebanon. It was hard making the wheels of the aeroplane, but it was fun. I liked talking to people at the expo!

    From Hannah

  21. Alexandra says:

    Hi 1/2’s,

    I enjoyed the expo because some of the parents got to see our extraordinary hard work that we had been working on for a couple of weeks.

    I am so proud of my work because I know in my heart I put in a lot of effort into my work. I practiced my google slides a lot and also presented it to the parents.

    I would improve my work by deciding on my question quicker.

    From Alexandra

  22. Cyrus says:

    I really enjoyed making my diorama and showing the adults about how my dad came to Australia in 1984 from the Philippines.

  23. Escada says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I loved making my slideshow and that it was like genius hour and I liked the prayer service. I think everyone did a great job well done 1/2s.

    from Escada

  24. Emily V says:

    Hi 1/2’s

    My name is Emily V.
    I loved making my project about my Dad’s school in Germany.
    I worked very hard to make it and the most exciting part was when my mum and my
    brother came to see my exhibition, I also enjoyed talking with people about my project and answering their questions.

    Emily V.

  25. Lincoln says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I enjoyed making my Slideshow and liked learning to insert pictures. The expo was awesome because it was like when the older kids do genius hour. I was proud of showing mine to other people as well.

  26. lola mudie says:

    I enjoyed speaking in front of the class. I could improve by speaking clearer. I also enjoyed seeing and hearing everyone’s work.

  27. branden says:

    Hi everybody,
    I loved reading my prayer about the world at the prayer service and I found making the slideshow very interesting so I enjoyed making it. Did you enjoy the prayer service? I enjoyed it because I liked reading my prayer to everyone! I want to congratulate every 1/2 because they made a great effort in presenting in the service

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