Stella’s a star!

Yesterday, we were very lucky to have a visit from Stella who told us all about her many roles in supporting the St. Mark’s and parish community.

We couldn’t believe that Stella helps and works with the parish in so many ways, so we counted some of the many different things she does. We discovered 10 roles she plays in our community:

  1. Teaches at Children’s Liturgy
  2. Teaches catechetics
  3. Makes soups and casseroles for the homeless
  4. Helps out with Joey’s Van
  5. Covers our readers and library books
  6. Helps out with the Sacramental programs
  7. Runs the Rosary Club at school
  8. Special Minister
  9. Delivers the Host to the sick
  10. Visits young Mums and Bubs

We asked Stella why she does all of these things for the parish and for the St. Mark’s community. She told us that she does all of these things because she loves Jesus so much that she tries her best to be just like Him and make God proud. She also loves her community very much and wants to help out however she can. Even though Stella does all of these things and more, she never gets tired because helping others makes her feel really happy!

We all agree that Stella is a kind, generous and loving person.

Stella, true to your name, you are a STAR!


Why do you love Stella? 

How does Stella inspire you to be more like Jesus? 

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3 Responses to Stella’s a star!

  1. Samaira & Wazir says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I think Stella is doing an awesome job providing help to the poor and needy.
    A small gesture goes a long way. People will be so thankful to her for the difference she is making in their lives.
    Samaira and Wazir

  2. from Alexandra says:

    Hi everyone,

    I loved the way everyone got to see Stella. We should be very grateful that Stella spent her time with us. We are also lucky because Stella works with the St. Mark’s Parish. When you see Stella please say thank you for all the lovely things she does for our community.

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