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Congratulations Fr. Benedict!

On July 18th, Fr. Benedict celebrated his 10th anniversary in the Priesthood. It requires much commitment and dedication to become a priest. They must study a subject called ‘Theology’ (the study of God and Catholic faith) for at least 7 years … Continue reading

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In Art, we are designing and creating different transport methods.  The students will be given a few weeks to plan, gather materials, and build a type of land, sea, or air transport during our art lessons.  They have already started planning … Continue reading

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Welcome Back 1/2’s

Hello 1/2 Bloggers, Welcome back to school. We hope you had a nice, relaxing, exciting holiday and are ready for some fun learning in Term 3. The 1/2 teachers would love to hear about your holidays, but it’s hard to find time … Continue reading

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