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Have a discussion with your family and come up with some suggestions for homework ideas. When you are suggesting ideas make sure you include all the different sections of homework. The teachers look forward to your ideas

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Learning about emails

              At school we have been learning about Gmail. Gmail lets you send and receive emails on the internet. You can use email with your friends, family, teachers, and if you have permission, you … Continue reading

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All about hail

Miss Raux’s reading group, click here to learn all about hail.

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Reading Questions

Hi 1/2 Bloggers, When you are reading at home, here are some example questions you can get someone to ask you or even ask yourself, before you start reading, during reading and once you have finished reading to make sure … Continue reading

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Weather in our World!

So far this term we have had a great time learning about various types of weather conditions, and have done rotations in order to learn more about the science behind this. We have discussed Snow, Thunder and Lightning, Rain, Fog, … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We have had an extremely exciting week in 1/2 preparing for Mother’s Day! The students have been very busy making and decorating their surprises for their mums. Today the students and their mums came to school extra early and ate … Continue reading

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Our Church visit with Brother Joseph

This Term the Grade 1/2s are focusing on how the Church is like a family and some of the special signs and symbols we see during Mass. We were lucky enough to go into the Church and have Brother Joseph … Continue reading

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