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Trees and plants

During art we made trees from clay and then painted them. This week we made trees from paper bags. What have you learnt so far about trees? Why are trees important? Have you planted a tree or plant?  

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This term in Art we are focusing on 3D work.  This week had a slightly different spin on it as we just did a drawing but it LOOKED 3D.  Isn’t it amazing what we can do with just plain lines? … Continue reading

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Attributes of a good learner

When we talk about what makes us ‘good learners’, we often focus on things like: putting our hand up before speaking, listening to the teacher or other students, sitting up properly and completing our work on time. These are excellent … Continue reading

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  Welcome back everyone! We hope that you have enjoyed a restful break. As a whole school, we are focusing on effective feedback.  To be able to go forward in their learning, it is important that students regularly receive constructive, … Continue reading

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Footy Day

Well done to Chanel and all the other 1/2 winners!  Longest Kick: Grade 1: Chanel (1/2SC) and Patrick (1/2C) Grade 2: Georgie (1/2C) and Dante Q (1/2P) Handball: Grade 1: Grace (1/2SC) and Bailey (1/2C) Grade 2: Sienna (1/2C) and … Continue reading

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