3rd quarter highlights

Term 3 ended in a blink of an eye but of course we ended the term with a bang with some super fun activities! Here are the 3rd quarter highlights of the year:

On the last day of school we celebrated with FOOTY DAY! Students dressed up in their favourite footy team’s colours and shared their love for their team in the footy parade. We also got to see some some students compete in the handball and longest kick competition and participate in some footy activities run by our amazing 5/6’s.

Here are our 1/2 ‘longest kick’ champions:

Taylah (Yr. 2)

Jackson (Yr. 1)

Tilly (Yr. 1)

Lucas (Yr. 2)

During the week, students were excited to complete their information reports on their chosen Australian animal. They proudly showed off their reports through a video on SeeSaw. The children also used their newly developed knowledge, household materials and their creative skills to create their own diorama habitat with a model of their native creature inside. Wow! These dioramas look incredible!

Alvin creating a den for his Australian animal

Amelia’s desert habitat

Here’s Escada thinking outside the box with her materials

Jeswin and his snappy crocodile

Milena creating a sky above her habitat


Messy learning is the best learning!



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Excursion to Moonlit Sanctuary

 On Tuesday, we braved the rain and the cold and set off on an adventure to Moonlit Sanctuary. We took part in three different activities. We did the wallaby walk where we were lucky enough to feed them. We learnt that we should always wait for them to come to us and not the other way around so that we do not scare them away.


Keeper May led the mammal mingle session. In this session, we met some wombats who have been very busy digging away. We saw the Tasmanian devils who, sadly, are in danger of becoming extinct. We paid a visit to the koalas which was most enlightening. After holding, smelling, and analysing their poo, it is fair to say we have become koala poo experts! Last but not least, Keeper May took us to the dingoes. They were a little unsettled in their new enclosure unfortunately.


The third session was led by Keeper Ryan who introduced us to his scaly friends- the bearded dragon lizard, shingleback lizard and Noodles, the python. In the struts, slithers and scales session, Keeper Ryan reminded us that we should not turn our back on a snake should we encounter one in the wild. 


Over to you 1/2s! Don’t forget to share some interesting facts in the comment section.

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When balloons fly, seabirds die

Written in conjunction with Taylah & Samaira 1/2R

Have you ever let a balloon float away? Either accidentally or on purpose? Have you ever wondered where that balloon drifted off to? Maybe it floated off to the moon or to an alien’s home in outer space. Lucky for us we had Keeper Kathy come and visit us from Werribee Zoo to answer this thought provoking question.

Today, we discovered a sad truth about escapee balloons. When they are released, they picked up by the wind currents and end up towards Phillip Island and Lord Howe Island. Unfortunately, seabirds like the Flesh-Footed Shearwater and other native wildlife are attracted to the bright colours of the balloons and either consume it or feed the litter to their young. As you can imagine, this can make the animals very sick or even die. The ribbons around the balloons can also wrap around the bodies of these creatures, making it very hard to move, swim or even breathe – how uncomfortable!

Keeper Kathy had a very important message for us to remember “When balloons fly, seabirds die”. Instead of using balloons to celebrate, Keeper Kathy suggested that we blow bubbles instead because because when bubbles pop, they don’t harm our environment.We learnt that it is our responsibility to spread this message to as many people as we can. The more people we inform, the less balloons that end up in our environment.

*Challenge*: Spread this message to as least three other people/families. Share in the comment section, who you spread the word to  “When balloons fly, seabirds die”.

When Balloons Fly, Seabirds Die pdf.


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Hi 1/2’s,

Hope you have all been able to find your spelling words, so you can practise them at home.

They are located in the ‘learning at home’ section

Here are some fun and exciting ways that you can practise your spelling words:

Spelling Activities

Happy Spelling!


How do you practise your spelling words?

Have you got any other suggestions on how we can practise our spelling words?

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The 1/2s travelling around Australia.

Hi 1/2s,

Well done to everyone on making this such a fabulous start to Term 3.

As rehearsals for our school concert ‘The Lucky Country’ are underway, the 1/2s have had a focus on learning all about Australia. They have been travelling around Australia in the 1/2 area on Thursday afternoons learning about a different state or territory every week. It has been a great way to learn lots more about Australia, and see why we are such a lucky country! We hope that the Australian map homework has also been a way for you to learn and identify important parts of Australia.

Have a look at the map below and see if you can explain why the different symbols and pictures are used in different states.

Kids Australia Map by pippy92

Have you enjoyed learning about the states and territories of Australia?

Can you share some interesting or new discoveries you have made about Australia?

Please leave your comments below.

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Welcome back to Term 3

Term 3 is going to be such a busy term with so many school events and happy times ahead.

The students will be learning their class dances for the concert and so should come home and be ready to tell you all about their song and routine.  The costumes have not be decided yet as we are still brainstorming and thinking up easy ideas.

Our unit for Inquiry this term is ‘Our Land abounds in nature’s gifts’. The children will be going on an excursion to Moonlit Sanctuary in August to appreciate and learn about Australian animals and their habitats.  More details will follow.

Spelling words will now be available on the learning at home page on this blog.

Please ask your teacher if you have trouble finding it.

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1/2’s Make & Do

The 1/2’s have learnt so much by the end of Term 2. To show how much we have learnt we made many different things:

In writing, we made fairy bread by following our own recipes that we wrote.

In religion, we listened to the parable of  ‘The Lost Sheep’. We made our own sheep and wrote about what makes us special to God.

In maths, we created 3D shapes using different materials to explore their special features

In Inquiry, we learnt about the importance of helping others in our community. We collected warm clothes for the St. Vincent De Paul Society to give to the homeless.

Wow! We have been really busy this term. Enjoy a well deserved break 1/2’s!

1/2’s Make & Do on PhotoPeach

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Responsible Pet Ownership Programme

Last Friday, the 1/2’s had a special guest speaker named Simon come to talk to us about how to be safe and responsible around pets. He spoke to us about how to approach dogs safely to ensure that we don’t get hurt. We learnt a song about how to approach dogs after asking their owners to pat them. Simon also brought his dog ‘Daisy Chain’, so that we could practise these skills. These are all lessons we need to remember in our wider community before patting dogs that belong to others.

Here is a clip of the special song Simon taught us!


Did you enjoy Simon’s presentation?

What was your favourite part?

What was something you learnt, or found interesting after listening to Simon?

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Art Update

Hi everyone,

We wanted to share and celebrate our amazing Art works with you all.

Make sure you come in and visit our 1/2 Area and see our amazing creations on display.


Anzac Day crosses


 Family Houses – created to celebrate our Family Community.

Drawing with lines – we experimented with different types of lines and how to use lines to create a 3D effect.


Which artwork did you enjoy the most?

Did you find any of it challenging?

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1/2 Expo and Prayer Service afternoon

On Wednesday the 1/2s presented their family stories at our Expo. It was a big success and the children were so proud to get to show their work to family and friends. We had a wonderful range of presentations. Throughout the learning ares was a fantastic mix of presentations, including public speaking, slideshows, dioramas, story writing, puppet shows and storytelling. The children worked hard to make sure their work successfully told their family story, and had lots of fun independently working on their presentation at school.

After the Expo, the Prayer Services were held in each of the learning areas. Our learning space was reverant, and we had the chance to say thankyou to God for what we have been blessed with in our lives. It was also a way to acknowledge the special people in our community who do so much to help those in need.

Thankyou to the parents who were able to join us on the day, we all really appreciate the efforts that you went to.

Here are some photos of the very special afternoon.


Did you enjoy this special afternoon? Why?

Are you proud of what you achieved?

How could you improve it for next time?

Please leave a comment below to answer any of these questions, or any other reflections you have about the 1/2 Expo.


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